Founder Q&A - how our founder Fei became healthy from her ED

Hi! I'm Fei. I'm the founder of Elsa & Rose. I want to begin to thank you for checking out the #shareyourstory page. Below, you'll find some questions I've received about body image and my journey to being healthy from my eating disorder. I do want to point out that everyone's journey is different, and this is just my take on what made me reach my freedrom. 



How old...

Don't let eating disorder control your life and happiness | Tesa Drew

Tesa Drew is a 22-year old girl from Vancouver, BC. She's a Flight Attendant and Server/Manager/Bartender. She's currently in recovery from anorexia and bulimia nervosa. She started a blog to share her recovery journey with others in hopes to raise awareness and end the stigma around mental illness and especially eating disorders.

Tell us more about your experience with having an eating disorder.
I suffered from anorexia for 3 years and in my first year of university, it changed to bulimia as I had to cover up the fact that people started to notice I...

Beauty comes from the inside | Josefin Borgman

Josefin Borgman, a 22 year old girl living in Sweden who loves makeup and fashion, shares her story about how she fought through her eating disorder. For Josefin, it's never about being flawless or making herself feel more beautiful, because she knew that beauty comes from the inside.


Tell us about yourself.
I have always been quite underweight. I'm currently 165cm tall and I've never weighed more than 48 kilos. 

Are you happy with your body now? Do you feel...

Recovering Anorexia | Amalie Lee

Introducing our #SHAREYOURSTORY campaign.

Our first story features Amalie Lee who has suffered from an eating disorder called anorexia. She has now fully recovered and shares her journey through her Instagram.

If you have a story to share like Amalie's, write to us at shareyourstory@elsaandrose.com and we may feature your story on here, too.

Stay healthy loves! ♡

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